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Auto Service & Car Repair

Oil change service comes with a free safety check, in which we check your tires, lights, and all fluids. Should there be an issue with these parts, we offer tire repair as well as tire mounting and balancing. We also perform coolant flushes to flush out existing fluids and add new ones.

Backed by decades of experience, you can also trust our car shop with more complex repairs including transmission repair and engine repair. Every issue, from blown fuses to alignment and suspension, can be fixed by our mechanics in no time. Give your vehicle a comprehensive tune-up (new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, and more), or choose from our other car repair and auto service offerings:

Brake Service | Drum & Rotor Resurfacing | Brake Bleeding | Clutch Repair | CV Axle Replacement | CEL Check Engine Light Diagnostic | Transmission Service | Engine Replacement | Intake Manifold Replacement | Head Gasket Replacement | Timing Belt Replacement | Water Pump Replacement | Thermostat Installation | New Radiator Installation | AC Recharge Service | Fuses, Wiring & Other Electrical Issues | EVAP System Diagnostic | Fuel Pump Replacement | Fuel Filter Replacement | Fuel Injector Cleaning | Starter Replacement | Alternator Replacement | Battery Replacement | Suspension Repair | Tire Replacement | New Shocks | Strut Replacement

Contact B & G Auto Repair (415) 255-8623 in SF, San Francisco, CA. Our car shop can assist with auto service, car repair, brake service, and tire repair.